Download page

There are a few things for download here.

Each program has a page with further information, and in the case of AMPlayer, this is where you can download the files.

There are also a lot of RFCs for download, from the hypertext RFC archive.

And another thing. Some of these programs have been downloaded far more often than there are RISC OS users on this planet, so I guess some people are not paying attention. None of these are for MS-Windows. The filesizes should make it obvious, but let me repeat, none of these are for MS-Windows. See the info links below for details about what they are for.

Application Description Version Status

AMPlayer AMPlayer Audio MPEG player - PD Information

CountDown CountDown Count down timer 1.00 PD Information Download (3K)

CustomRPC CustomRPC Mode designer 1.05 PD Information Download (11K)

EasyView EasyView Image viewer 1.25 PD Information Download (29K)

FilerPro FilerPro Desktop filer 1.35 Demo Information Download (145K)

LIRC LIRC IRC client 1.85 PD Information Download (191K)

application mksprite Sprite generator 1.08 PD Information Download (16K)

application picma PIC macro assembler 0.98 PD Information Download (77K)

PlayAMPEG PlayAMPEG Audio MPEG player 1.11 PD Information Download (37K)

application sfmerge Sprite merger 1.00 PD Information Download (3K)

Slashbox Slashbox Slashdot headlines 0.11 PD Information Download (15K)

application TDraw Textual Draw tools 0.02 PD Information Download (18K)

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