FormMail Spammers

This is a list of hosts that have tried to exploit FormMail on this server.

There is no FormMail here, but they try anyway, and just end up in this list. All the addresses are where the confirmation would have been sent, if formmail had been present and exploitable. These are now links. Perhaps some other spammers will pick them up and spam them, who knows.

Some of those addresses are on this site. This is presumably to cause a bounce to be sent to the actual spammer, who has put his address in 'From'. Those From-addresses are not listed here, as they sometimes belong to people the spammer wants to annoy, in particular anti-spammers who have managed to cause the spammer grief.

Clicking on the IP will test a lot of RBLs to see if it is listed in some of them.

It must be pointed out that these days the IP is often that of an open proxy that the spammer is raping. So the owner of the IP may just be ignorant, and not directly connected with the spamming.

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The complete list is also available as a TSV file.